Things you’ll need:

  • Graphite spray
  • Screwdriver
  • Hair dryer or matches
  • Metal file
  • Wooden matchsticks
  • Glue

Spray some graphite spray into the lock, place the key into the lock and work the graphite into the locking cylinders. This may loosen some of the moving parts enough to get the lock moving again.

II Unscrew the screws holding the lock to the door, using a screwdriver, and disassemble the lock if the key turns but the bolt is stuck. Check the lock to make sure the mechanism is in line with the bolt. Realign if necessary and replace the bolt.

III Heat your key with a hair dryer or matches. Place the key in a frozen lock to melt the ice away. The lock should begin to turn once it is free from ice.

IV File the side of the strike plate if the bolt is stuck outside the door frame. Sometimes, all you need is just a little bit wider opening to make it work. Remove the strike plate, fill the holes with glue and wooden matchsticks, and reposition the strike plate if this doesn’t work.